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Iris AI drastically expedites research through the power of artificial intelligence

Iris AI drastically expedites research through the power of artificial intelligence | TechCrunch

There are more than 30 million Continue research papers out there, and more than 3,000 papers are published every day. Put simply, you haven't a chance in hell to read all of them. So what's a poor researcher to do when set a challenge in a brand new field of research? Once the wave of blind panic and urge to drink copious amounts of gin has dissipated, you reach for a technology solution. Iris believes it has just the thing. The company launched a public beta to show off its technology click to read this week.

"We're of course really excited with the first results," says Anita Schj?ll Brede, the company's CEO. "But to be honest we're running a marathon here. Our ultimate goal is an AI Scientist and we're not done until we get there!"

The Iris AI cross-European team at 500 Nordics demo day. Anita Schj?ll Brede, the company's CEO, is third from the left.

The Iris AI cross-European team at 500 Nordics demo day. Anita Schj?ll Brede, the company's CEO, is third from the left.

With a product aimed at people who read research papers on a regular read this article basis, Iris is trying to help R&D departments in big corporations ingest, process and analyze huge sets of data. The argument is that, especially when doing research into new fields, even experienced researchers don't necessarily know the appropriate keywords to be looking for. Iris takes that problem out of the equation by analyzing and summarizing information.

Related ArticlesScientists say signals from certain stars are "probably aliens"Dataiku grabs $14 million for its collaborative data science platformWTF is machine learning?Salesforce looks to the future with Einstein artificial intelligence "Our biggest competitor is Google Scholar," says Brede, but points out that Scholar has a similar problem as most other research tools. "If you have dedicated your life to a niche field of study, you probably know everything that is happening in your field. If you need to draw information from adjacent fields of study or even a brand new field, it can be a daunting challenge to get an overview."

The tool is deceptively simple. By giving Iris a research paper to "read," it reads the abstract, maps out the key concepts and presents the user with the most relevant articles from more than 30 million open access papers. The results are visualized, explorable and help to quickly create an overview of the field of study. From there, researchers can dive deeper.

1 day ago

Importance Of Transformer Oil Testing

Before, starting the importance of oil testing for a Transformer, It would be better to highlight the importance of electricity. Electricity is a major part of our day to day life. Most of the things are working through electricity. Either you are working at home or in your office you need electricity to work well. We are very much depended on electricity.

Every day lots of electricity generated through various sources whether it is wind energy, solar energy, nuclear energy etc. Power Transformers are use to regulate the distribution of electricity. These Power Transformers are important to distribute the electricity a per the requirement, Therefore Industries having Power Transformer should go for google my business the regular Transformer services.

Transformer Oil testing is the most important part of transformer services. Transformer Oil also called insulation oil because it helps to keep transformer cool. The transformer oil is highly refined mineral bounceplex oil which remains constant when the transformer temperature is high. Therefore for proper working Transformer it is important that your Transformer oil should remain pure and should be regularly changed.

There are lots of laboratories which are providing oil analysis and testing services. The testing includes analyzing of oil purity and chemical composition. The testing is done on the basis of IEC, ASTM, IS and other methods. Transformer oil testing basically includes 9 parameters. These are:

Electric Strength (BDV)

Water Content (PPM)

Tan Delta




Flash Point

Interfacial Tension

Dissolved Gas Analysis (DGA)

Regular oil analysis is useful in monitoring the condition of Transformer parts. Oil testing also enables you to detect the other possible problems in Transformer. Regular testing increase your transformer's age, helps to regulate your cost, serves as a dielectric fluid and heat transfer medium, saves on replacement costs, cuts downtime and improves customer service.

By: Sapnar

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Sapna Rawat working as an SEO/ Internet marketing executive at New Delhi Laboratories Pvt. Ltd. NDL is providing Power Transformer Services and expert in Transformer Oil testing.

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Top 6 Things Real Estate Agents Wish You Knew

Real estate agents see it all.

From the unmade beds to the overstuffed garages to the "What were they thinking?" decor.

Over the years, they learn a thing or two: Why some houses sell, while others linger on the market. Why some promising buyers never make it to the closing table. How to get a better deal on the mortgage. Even just how much the other agents stand to make on your home.

And the good news is, they want to share.

Whether you're a buyer, seller or both, here are six things real estate agents wish yo

2 weeks ago

1,400 Workers 'Devastated' by Carrier's Plan to Move Indianapolis Facility to Mexico

Editor's Note: In a story broadcast on "America This Morning" this week about the Carrier company moving hundreds of jobs to Mexico, we incorrectly characterized the company's reason for doing so. We said Carrier claimed it never got government stimulus money it was promised. Carrier never made that statement. Instead, the company says it will not be claiming a tax credit for which it is eligible. We regret the error.

A union representing workers at an Indianapolis facility that recently announced it would be moving to Mexico -- taking 1,400 U.S. jobs along with it -- met with company representatives today but said there was "no hope" of stopping

2 weeks ago

Property Management Lawyer California | CA Real Estate Attorney

Property Management Information

For the owners or managers of commercial property and multiple dwelling buildings (such as apartments or condominiums), property management can be a time-consuming and complex process. There are many issues that need to be dealt with on a daily basis, from those involving tenants to those involving zoning or

environmental compliance. Management tasks can include:

Accepting and reviewing rental applications

Collecting rent

Screening prospective tenants in order to fill vacancies

Keeping records and preparing financial reports

Ensuring regular maintenance and repair work is completed

From time to time, it can become necessary to secure professional legal representation when dealing with an issue of property management. In such cases, it is wise to contact a California commercial real estate attorney who is familiar with the requirements of managing a commercial property, and who can guide you through your legal proceedings in order to give webpage you a strong chance of a successful resolution to the matter at hand.

Legal Assistance in Your Property Management Case

Manly, Stewart & Finaldi is a seasoned commercial real estate law firm that has helped numerous clients in their property management cases. We are available to provide property management services that include:

Drafting and reviewing policies and procedures related to the property

Drafting leases and similar agreements

Assistance in insurance issues

Rent collection

Advice regarding preventative measures one can take for their property (in regards to topics such as environmental impact and building code compliance)

Initiating non-payment proceedings

Contact our offices today about your property management issue, and we will do what is necessary to help you pursue your goal of an outcome that is beneficial to you and your business interests.

If you are websites intent on resolving a legal issue related to the management of a commercial property,

contact a California property management attorney


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Great real estate families. - Free Online Library

The Durst Family

At the turn of the 20th century, a young immigrant arrived at Ellis Island with his life savings--three dollars--sewn into the lapel of his coat. Joseph Durst, a charismatic and hard working man, found America a hospitable place for entrepreneurship and in 1915 made his first Manhattan real estate purchase, a small office building on 34th Street.

So began The Durst Organization, which, nearly a century later--under the current leadership of cousins Douglas and Jonathan (Jody) Durst as co-presidents--ranks among New York's largest and most highly regarded family owner/developers, with a worldwide leadership role in the environmental development and alternative

3 weeks ago

Leveraging digital channels to connect franchisees with local customers: in the world of websites and SEO, the franchise brand's website is important,


Digital marketing is the gateway to your audience. That sounds like

a loaded statement--and it is--but it is also the truth. It's no

secret today's consumers are online, and that means your

franchise's audience is online. You just need the right digital

marketing framework to actually connect with them. Here, we chat about

exactly which aspects of digital marketing are most important to

franchise systems and share tactics for deploying them across locations.


In the world of websites and SEO, the franchise brand's

3 weeks ago

National HIRE Network

National HIRE Network

Helping Individuals with criminal patent lawyer href="">investment risks records Reenter through Employment

3 weeks ago

Being Spiritual Means Taking a Stand

As each of us accelerates on the spiritual path, becoming one with our Higher Self, it is of paramount importance that we take a stand, and graciously speak out whenever we see injustice in any form.

Personally, I cannot stand politics and all of the games that go on within the political arena. However, when I read the CNN report that electronic voting machines were being counted Backwards I knew I had to speak out, and ask everyone I know to also rise with their integrity and voice to be heard, simply to allow freedom and fairness for all to continue.

We can meditate, communicate with the Higher realms, and live a life of bliss and joy. However, it is quite unspiritual to bury our heads in the sand, and not take a stand when we see injustice in any form.

You have no idea how much of a difference one voice makes.

Your voice is crucial to annihilating the lower energies of her latest blog injustice and discord, by speaking out from the heart, and having the courage to let your voice be heard!

There is no need to fight a battle simply let your voice be heard! Speak your truth and as why not try this out you do, you will become more of a beacon for yourself, as well as for others that hide away due to fear.

It is one of the most spiritual things in the universe to bring Light to any injustice. Your light exists within your truth. It is crucial that your truth is voiced, in any manner where untruth exists.

That is bringing out your highest nature in order to make a difference. We can only do it on our own, from within our hearts. Never hide away, ever. Allow your truth to come out, and you will find that you feel so much more authentically empowered as you honor and express the Divine truth that exists within you.