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2 weeks ago

Foreclosures hit six-year low in 2013

Foreclosures hit six-year low in 2013 - Jan. 16, 2014 by Les Christie

2 weeks ago

Difference Between a Short Sale and a Foreclosure

Home Affordable Foreclosure Alternatives (HAFA) ProgramThe HAFA program provides assistance to individuals facing financial hardships, who are on the verge of getting their homes foreclosed. Provided certain conditions are met, the program can free individuals from their debt burden, helping them make a smooth transition to affordable housing.

Homeowners typically buy a house by taking a mortgage, for which the house functions as a collateral. He or she is expected to make timely mortgage payments, failing which, the house is seized by the lending institution.

The real estate market crashed in 2007 and resulted in a number of people defaulting on mortgage payments. The reasons

2 weeks ago

Health News - Pain Management Research and Information from CNN health

Physical pain, whether from injury, surgery or another cause, is among the most common medical complaints. There are many medications on the market to combat various degrees of pain, but exercises and therapies also can help manage discomfort.

Choosing death can be like a 'birth,' advocates say

James Powell could barely speak on the day he died; cancer had confined him to bed and heavy painkillers left him only semi-lucid. Yet the mood was almost celebratory as 25 people -- family, friends and volunteers -- gathered in a large living room to tel

2 weeks ago

The 2016 Supreme Court cases: Abortion, Obamacare, DUI tests and more

The Supreme Court in Washington, DC, November 6, 2013.

SAUL LOEB/AFP/Getty Images

Voters in 2016 will usher new leaders into the White House and Congress, but it's the third branch of government that will be making some major national policy changes in the coming year. The Supreme Court already has a series of high-stakes cases lined up for consideration early in 2016.

In the next few months, the nine justices will hear cases related to the dui charges dropped Affordable Care Act, abortion, laws regarding DUI tests, the power of teachers' unions, freedom of speech in a how to find a good dui lawyer government office, and other issues. Additionally, the court will hand down rulings in cases it heard in late 2015, on issues like affirmative action.

Here's a look at what to expect from the Supreme Court in early 2016...

4 weeks ago

Home Improvement :: Installing Crown Molding: The Ultimate Guide

Simple and inexpensive design accents, such as crown molding, can add class and sophistication to any home interior. Traditionally, crown molding was carved from heavy hardwood and was considered very difficult and cumbersome to install. Things have changed, and today crown molding is made from polyurethane foam and is more affordable, lightweight, and looks just as beautiful as its predecessors. Most crown molding is pre-primed and ready to accept latex or oil based paint application. The following guide will assist you in properly installing crown molding that has been purchased online and delivered to your home for optimal interior design. Items you will need before you begin: <

4 weeks ago

Family Lawyer - Child Custody Attorney

Our family

lawyer is engaged full time in the private practice of law with a concentration

in the areas of divorce, family mediation, divorce enforcement, post-divorce

division, child custody and child adoption, and family related law such as

probate, wills and estate planning.



Divorce is most painful movement in the life. It is involved with moral,

economic, social and legal challenges.

1 month ago

Buying Property for a Church Tips

Selecting land for a new church is not an easy task. It is also something that most people may do but once in their lifetime. Each church building project is unique, but there are some fairly universal considerations. Therefore, this article is designed to get you thinking about the issues around selecting a church property that will be the best